Sunday, 4 September 2016

Shaken Udder's Chocolush Milkshake

I have recently discover this chocolate milkshake, aptly named Chocolush! (with an exclamation mark to give it more impact), from a brand called Shaken Udder. I know they do other flavours, banana, strawberry, vanilla and so on, but the only one I found was Chocolush. " And?"you may ask... And it is both delicious and highly addictive. I mean really, really addictive. the milkshake version of crack cocaine and I know I say this of a lot of chocolate based stuff. But in this case, it is absolutely true. You don't expect it, you just drink this milkshake, minding your own business, and within three gulps it is empty and you are left thirsty for more. The bottles we bought are simply too small to calm the craving! I know they have bigger ones, but so far I could not find them. So I am not sure if this is a plug or a warning, but here it is: Shaken Udder's Chocolush milkshake is an addictive substance!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

If it's that good, it must be loaded with fat and calories! Yum!

Nellie said...

I've never found anything with chocolate that I didn't like - or need to have more of, either!:-)