Sunday 4 September 2016

Sanwiches and Northern hospitality

Of all the pictures I took in York, this must be my least impressive. It is true that we had already eaten most of the cheese sandwiches they brought for us. The sandwiches and the crisps were a complimentary snack from the Shambles Tavern. When you are tired and hungry after a day walking in the city, this was most welcome. I shared the picture on Facebook last year, with this caption: "Gotta love Northern hospitality. In the South, they'd charge every single crisp." That is not quite true and I was gently reminded that we can find such friendly pubs in the South as well. All the same, I have never seen one that was generous like this everywhere but in York and it does show the best of Northern hospitality and I wanted to show my gratitude on this blog. And I think even though not 100% accurate, my caption deserves to be a new great unknown line.

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