Saturday 3 September 2016

To mow the lawn

My parents-in-law are in town and have decided to spoil us, while waiting to spoil their coming grandchild. So I am now the happy new owner of a lawnmower. To mow the lawn. Which I am grateful if only for one thing, which I must confess here: I have never in my life mowed the lawn. Not once. Not as a teenager, not as an adult. Because I never owned a lawn to mow and because my parents never even imposed this chore on me, they hired gardeners for that, which did the job very well, far better than I could have had. Mowing the lawn, in my opinion, is best left for professionals. Now I have no excuse and will have to do it myself. Decades of carefully avoiding it and now I need to bite the bullet. At least it's not a big lawn.


PJ said...

C'est pas très compliqué, et ça peut être relaxant.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

So did they get you a push mower, a gas powered mower or an electric one? Surely not a rider mower, LOL!