Saturday 3 September 2016

Oxfordshire Stories of the Supernatural

You might remember this post which I wrote last year, about a book I found in the independent bookshop of Wallingford, but that I didn't buy, since I thought I had it already, as the image on its cover was exactly the same as another book I had in the same collection. Well, during my last time in Wallingford, I finally purchased Oxfordshire Stories of the Supernatural. And I read it last month, as I have started my officious countdown to Halloween. I thought it would be a nice way to getting myself in the mood. It was a pleasant read, if a bit sensationalist, as I suspected. The author is way too eager to believe in every claim of supernatural phenomenon and there is hardly any ounce of skepticism in it. But it had a few eerie moments, which was what I was looking for. Although it was not as scary as I wished and although I knew a lot of the stories from a book I had read earlier (and which I also bought in the independent bookshop of Wallingford), it was still fun in a spooky way. As Halloween is getting closer and closer, I will read more scary stories and of course blog about them.

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