Friday, 23 January 2015

Bagels: the pride of Montreal

I know I blogged about bagels very recently, but I had to do it again, as Montreal received recently an homage from comic book artist Stephan Pastis in his Pearls Before Swine comic strip: we make the best bagels in the world. Well, I knew that already. Better than New York even? Well, of course. Hands down. Eat your heart out, Big Apple. Apparently, Pastis went to St-Viateur Bagel. This is where I first discovered bagels. I mean I had some before, but this was a revelation to me.I could not believe eating something this simple yet this good. I said it very often on this blog: the bagels saved me from starvation back in the days when I was studying there, and then in the years I spent working and living in what remains my favourite city. Bagels are the best Montreal offered to the gastronomical world. Not because it is originally from Montreal, I read Pearls Before Swine sometimes in the train going to work, because Metro publishes it. I always thought he was funny, but it was just something I read for a quick laugh. I will now read it far more eagerly. Obviously, Pastis is a man of taste. And to finish this post, I invite you to watch this video, about the homage the owners of St-Viateur did to the homage they received.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

cute! i prefer montreal bagels to new york. montreal's are thinner and baked in wood fire ovens. new york bagels are much fatter, doughier and just don't have the rich flavor.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Isn't that great!!