Wednesday, 14 January 2015

I saw snowflakes this evening

Well, as the title says, I saw some snow this evening, coming back from work. When I left work to be precise: there was a drizzling rain, then a few flakes fell down. It was most definitely snowflakes. And the air smelled of snow too. Winter in England is rarely snowy, even for a few days and this year and last have been tragically mild. I miss snow sorely. While there was hardly any serious drops, not enough to cover the ground, let alone to make me miss work tomorrow, it felt good to see it, and smell it in the air. It may be coming late in winter, but it already made this January evening more enjoyable than usual your average English January.


Gwen Buchanan said...

To smell snow... I like that! I wish you much.

Nellie said...

I couldn't believe it here this afternoon! We actually had snow flurries! The surface is too warm for any accumulation, though.