Saturday, 10 January 2015

A black cat in Brittany

I was looking again at the picture of our first time in Brittany (as you know, I have recently renewed with an old obsession about the place) and I found this picture I took of a black cat. I am not sure if I took it near Brocéliande, but the whole Brittany is a mythical place. This picture dates back from 2008. It fascinates me, first because it shows that my love for cats in general and black cats in particular is a fairly old thing. The cat my housemate had in Liverpool was black too. But I am fascinated by the picture because it is a black cat in the country of myths and legends, black cats being of course associated with the supernatural, often in a negative way, but sometimes a positive one too. When I adopt a cat again, there is a good chance he will be black. And I might give him a Celtic name and/or a name from the Arthurian legend.


Ellen in Oregon said...

I have owned a fair number of cats in my lifetime and I have to say the the 3 black cats I adopted all had very sweet dispositions. It is sad that black cats in shelters are still the least likely to be adopted. I select the cats I adopt based on temperment, whether we hit it off & how well I think the cat will get along with other pets in my home. Being biased towards a cat based on color preference alone makes no sense to me at all. A cat can no more control what color it's fur is than I can control the color of my eyes. The next time you decide to adopt a cat, please do not overlook the beautiful black cats because they deserve a forever home too. I think a Celtic name would be great for any cat - but then again, I'm of Irish heritage, so I might be a bit biased.

Anonymous said...

I also have had a few black cats share my life, all wonderful pals, my last black cat was named Hodge,