Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Land of Merlin

I took this picture back in 2008, during our very first trip to Brittany, where my parents-in-law live. It was the ensign of a tourist shop at the edge of Brocéliande, the legendary forest associated with the Arthurian legend. Translated, it is called "In the Land of Merlin", hence my title. My early readers might remember that I obsessed about my time there (before, during and after) and that I blogged a lot about it.

So I was rediscovering these pictures dating back from 2008 and I thought that I had not visited Brocéliande since that time and that my last trip to Brittany dates back from a few years already. This has been long overdue, especially since I have only seen a fraction of the eerie forest. I have some holidays coming up and my wife and I could take them there, but we might need to spend it in something more productive than... well, enjoying a proper holiday. All the same, it is now a project to revisit the Land of Merlin.


Anonymous said...

ooo, thats is beautiful, exciting, very interesting, I'm researching this, love the sign as well,

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Get thee to Brittany.