Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Free David's Tea Day in a week

My brother PJ discovered this piece of news from MTL Blog and taunted me with this tonight on Facebok: next week, there will be a Free David's Tea Day. I love tea, I love David's Tea as a company and a tea producer and free tea is exactly in my price range. Unfortunately, I will not be in Montreal next week. A darn shame. That would make me start February on a good foot. I stole shamelessly the picture on the left from MTL Blog. "Thé mon amour", which you can see labeled on this mug, is a word play, meaning "You're my love" as it is pronounced or "Tea my love" as it is written. Kinda cute. Anyway, to get your free tea, pop up in one of the shops and download the Etsy app on your phone. And enjoy. Lucky you.


Nellie said...

We are great tea drinkers here! Wish you didn't have to miss the free tea day!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

another reason to go back to montreal!