Wednesday, 5 November 2014

"I create as I speak"

You know the Arameic word for it. Yes, you really do: it is abracadabra, as I learned recently. Etimologically, abracadabra means, more or less, "I create as I speak". This is the word of the day... Or the night. I know, I know, it is Bonfire Night, but I can't be bothered to blog about it. Maybe tomorrow, when I will have something about the night. So anyway, abracadabra. I never bothered wondering what it meant, I always thought it was like "mumbo jumbo". And now, knowing its meaning... I kind of like it. I create as I speak is what we do when one writes fiction... or blogs. Like I am doing now.


Mantan Calaveras said...

I was under the impression that abracadabra was one of the magic words Aleister Crowley invented.

It's certainly in keeping with his philosophy:

"Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.
(Illustration: It is my Will to inform the World of certain facts within my knowledge. I therefore take "magickal weapons", pen, ink, and paper; I write "incantations" — these sentences — in the "magickal language" ie, that which is understood by the people I wish to instruct; I call forth "spirits", such as printers, publishers, booksellers and so forth and constrain them to convey my message to those people. The composition and distribution of this book is thus an act of Magick by which I cause Changes to take place in conformity with my Will.)
In one sense Magick may be defined as the name given to Science by the vulgar. "

Guillaume said...

Well, I didn't think about the esoteric connection.