Sunday 9 November 2014

The poppy and the needle

This is a trivial post about a non trivial subject. For something more thoughtful, you might want to read this post from 2008. Today is/was Remembrance Day. It is actually Remembrance Sunday, as it is Sunday. And like most years, while I had a poppy, I did not wear it. I know I should, but at some point something happens and I lose it or it drops or out of frustration I stop wearing it. It is very simple really: it is all the needle's fault. Every year, I buy a poppy, sometimes more as I lose the first one, then I struggle to put it on. I am rubbish with that darn needle: it does not hold the paper poppy very well, or at all, then it does not stay on me anyway. So the needle ends up prickling my skin and letting the red flower go. They should invent something else to hold it, some pegs or something of the sort. So my respect towards the sacrifices of a dead generation is thwarted by a stupid needle and my own clumsiness.


Rachel Lucas said...

Hi Guillaume! I was talking to a veteran poppy seller last week & he told me that they make them purposely difficult to pin on, so that you lose them and have to buy more! I don't know if this is true or not...but he did give me a tip, which is to push the pin through the petals...& don't try to secure the stalk. It has worked for me this year anyway!! Happy Monday x

Guillaume said...

Thank you for the tips.