Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Missing trains

Well, no, I did not miss any train today. But I miss certain things about them: the atmosphere of an old train station, which I have not seen in a while, the family's LGB electric train, and old fashioned steamed train travels like we had in Devon. This picture, by the way, was taken in the Totnes Museum. Since trains exist, it seems that children think they are the quintessential toy, the perfect setting for make belief games and a thing of wonder and excitement. I never get bored of trains, even as an adult. I was thinking about all these trains this morning, waiting for the banal train that I take every day for my commute. The station in this town is only a platform, there is not even a ticket machine. But it used to be a proper train station, with many platforms and railways going to every town around, not only in one single track. I thought about it as there were workmen building something in the large vacant space next to the platform. I don't know what yet. I know it is not new tracks. I know this town will probably never regain its past railway glory. Still, I do hope they will turn the platform into something closer to a proper train station. With the atmosphere coming with it.

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