Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Acting nostalgia

It struck me tonight: four year ago yesterday, I had my first acting class in England in a long time. I had written my first impression on acting again the next evening in a post that was thus written... four years ago tonight. And I miss it. I went to acting classes for a few months, then after the second course was completed, I stopped, because they were not offered anymore. I bumped into my former my teacher at random last year in Waitrose. A year ago or thereabout, actually. It seems to be the time for reminiscence. We live in the same town, yet we never bumped into each other. Anyway, I did not have time to speak to her for very long, neither did she, she was with two demanding (but very cute) daughters. I don't remember what she said she was doing, if she said anything. I also looked for some productions here and acting courses, I could not find any course and no amateur production that interested me enough. Maybe I am too demanding. All the same, tonight I miss acting. It made me feel active, gave me something else to do, gave me a social life. It was simply great.

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