Thursday, 13 November 2014


Early this month, a colleague told me: "Lots of people are doing Movember this year, why don't you join in?" I ask her why. She said: "Well, you look like you could grow a mustache easily." It is true that I had forgotten to shave the night before and that my facial hairs grow easily. Like ridiculously easily. Like it is weed. I knew I would be asked to do it sooner or later. But I replied: "I could grow a beard just as easily, and I'd rather have a beard." Which is true, and it deserves to become a great unknown line. It was my way to dodge Movember yet again. Not that I don't think the cause is bad: cancer is a terrible disease and men's cancers are not enough talked about. Cancer has hurt many members of my family and many loved ones. But like the ice bucket challenge, I often find the cause obscured by the event. And I don't think that growing a mustache would really be playing a part. I give, within my means, to many cancer charities, especially Cancer Research UK. I give money to them and I buy in their charity shops. And I find it more efficient that growing a mustache. Oh and on a side note I hate the thing.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I thought the point of Movember was to get people to sponsor you while growing a mustache -- i.e. get THEIR money and donate it to the cause, not your OWN money, LOL!

Guillaume said...

Yes, but see, I don't like this kind of solicitation much and I think on the whole, I give a lot to cancer research and probably more than I could be sponsored for (because I am rubbish at asking for money).