Tuesday 30 September 2014

Musing on the last day of September

Today was busy and hellish at work, I was busy like I had not been in months. Because it is the end of the month and thus it is as usual busy and because September is a busy month. I was feeling dazed and confused, to a colleague from IT who always wears weird, geeky t-shirts, I asked him: "Is this the second t-shirt you have been wearing today?" He said no, but he looked as confused as me and said: "You know you are the second person today that asked me that question." I did not say what I wanted to say: "It is reassuring that I am not the only one turning mad here." An unsaid great unknown line, if you ask me.

But something else did not escape me: almost everybody, including me, is wearing t-shirts. At this time of year. It has been, or so I have heard on the news, the driest and warmest month of September in recorded history. No wonder I am turning mad: September for me is and should be autumnal, the temperatures should cool down and the clothes I wear should be heavier. Instead, we have been having an almost perpetual Indian summer. And I am not used to it. Too warm, not enough autumnal colours, it has been a very disappointing September. Far more than most of the ones I lived so far here and I usually find them underwhelming. But it is supposed to change soon, according to the weather forecasts. I am looking forward to it. There is one thing, however, that shows autumn is here already: the sun goes down earlier.

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Mantan Calaveras said...

Sounds like Oregon the past few years.

This year it's been overcast and raining off and on, which is usual for September, but in the past couple years it didn't start to cool down and rain until the end of October.