Sunday 21 September 2014

The eyes of a cat

I recently received two compliments from the daughter of a friend of my wife two of the nicest compliments someone ever gave me. Seriously. The girl is eight or nine years old, a tomboy who loves horror stories and monsters, especially vampires. A week ago, my wife and I were at their place and she told me: "You have the exact same eyes as Buffy!" Buffy is her beloved kitty cat, named after... well, this Buffy. It was partially a clever manipulation: she said this right after she had told us she could open the window of her bedroom wide open and sit on the edge of the window, which we were telling her was really dangerous. Eager to change topic, she said that thing. We told her parents afterwards, to make sure she wouldn't do something dangerous.

Anyway, I thought it was sheer manipulation from her part and that she would keep a grudge at me not falling for it, but later on this week I saw her and her dad when I was walking home. I asked for a cuddle and to my surprise (and her dad's) she gave me one. Later on, her mum said to my wife that she never even give cuddles to her own grandmother, or to many adults apart from her parents. When asked by her mother why she did that, she answered: "Because Guillaume is like the man version of me." Which I may have found even more touching. Anyway, two compliments, one about a cat, the other one about a likeness to her, and the context of these compliments make me qualify them as great unknown lines.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

this is so sweet!

Guillaume said...

Oh this is very sweet. She is not a "sweet" girl, she is quite naughty in fact, but for some reason she really likes me.