Friday 18 December 2009

Maybe a white Christmas after all

I might not be dreaming of a white Christmas anymore: snow has arrived after all in England, and for real. So at least this will look somewhat like home during winter.It is nothing like the huge drops we get in Québec, but it was still a fair amount of snow, as you can see at the picture on the right. It will make me feel good anyway. Good, and a little bit smug, as people here seem so helpless when snow comes. It makes me feel like a Northerner.

Oh, and I got the visa, at last. It's nice to receive an early Christmas present from the British government. So I have a visa, a job I like, colleagues who appreciate me, a nice working place, it is winter outside... I feel like celebrating, even though nothing here feels like my usual Christmas apart from the weather and the Yule log I made is a terrible mess, like a squashed green squid. Doesn't taste as nice as the home one either, but at least I am trying to work things out by myself. I am a failure as a baker (well, we knew this already), maybe even as a cook, but I do try to create my own Christmas traditions.

This post might be a bit random, but these are frantic days. I have a lot of things to blog about, but no leading topic. I struggled to find a title, then I decided to take the one up there, however cliché it is. It could have been titled "This the season to be jolly", or something or other. Out of pure fancy, I decided to include here a picture of this little Christmas tree decoration, which will be hanging soon in the family Christmas tree back home. As I said in my earlier post, posting these pics will help me deal with homesickness. We bought the decoration in Sweden, years ago. My family and I have a long love story with Sweden, which I might bore you with one day. Suffice to say now that it would not be Christmas for me without some Swedish elements.

Oh, and this might feel like a Delenda Carthago addition, but you can still answer those questions, if this messy, all around the place post is boring you.


Anonymous said...

God yul


suzanne said...

Impressive English snowfall :)

Hope it sticks around until Christmas.