Sunday 20 December 2009

Christmas is coming...

...the geese are getting fat. I am seriously getting in that Christmas mood, maybe it's the snow outside. I don't know. Anyway, I might not blog so often the next few days as we will see relatives, which will keep me busy. I hope I will find time to see an old Christmas classic. Because Christmas is not quite right without A Charlie Brown Christmas. It is not the only Christmas movie I love, but it is probably my favourite Christmas movie, and one of the few "proper" ones (my list of "Christmas" movies might seem rather strange) that I don't find stupid. My brothers and I have a long love story with the film, we watch it every year or almost and the soundtrack plays throughout the month of December.

You can see on the right my favourite Peanuts character (and behind him an Eskimo who has nothing to do with Peanuts, but still is a cool decoration, he is fishing for a present see). Why Snoopy? For many reasons. I always loved his mischievous attitude, his mythomania and his writing ambitions. He is just one cool dog. I also had a teddy (teddy dog?) as a child who looked a lot like Snoopy. So it was only a question of time before I put a picture of him here. Today is just a good time as any.

Okay, this might seem like pointless rambling and it probably is, but what to expect a few days before Christmas?

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