Saturday 5 September 2009

Seasonal food

I don't know exactly why, but these days I discover myself quite hungry for home-made cookies. I settle for the oatmeal and blueberry cookies and the muesli cookies of Marks & Spencer, they are healthy and surprisingly delicious. They are my desserts these days. My craving for cookies started in Vancouver, where I had for breakfast a pumpkin seed and cranberry cookie almost every morning. I think they just fit the current season. It is still a bit warm, but the wind blows a lot and the evenings can be quite cool. But more importantly it has started looking like autumn, so my stomach follows my mood. I crave tea and cookies, apple crumbles, hearty meals and thick soups. I also bought yesterday lots of fruits. It's harvest time after all.


The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

I love soup! And those Pumpkin Seed - Cranberry cookies sound perfect for Fall!

Jazz said...

I think it might be fall, these days I find myself wanting to make cookies and muffins.

Speaking of food, the word verification is "ramen", which I don't feel like eating. Those cellophane packages of dried noodles remind me way too much of university!