Wednesday 29 April 2009

Singing at work

I guess I should ask a Muse to help me with this post, most likely Euterpe. So Euterpe, bring me inspiration.

I did not have such a good day at school, but I do not want to come back to it for the time being. Yesterday was much nicer, and I lived one of those little happy moments that makes me feel that all this is worth it. It doesn't take much really, to make a day good or bad. It was at lunchtime, where one of my colleagues, a veteran teacher, was encouraging some of the students, mainly girls, to sing. Many were shy at first, but they quickly gained confidence. Some had absolutely beautiful voices. I thought it was a sweet idea anyway. I told them I could sing opera, or used to, and two girls said "call it". So I had to sing a little bit of opera, Deh vienni alla finestra from Don Giovanni. Yes, Mozart again. I don't know if they liked the song, but they enjoyed seeing/hearing a teacher singing. Two girls sang Hallelujah, I told them that Leonard Cohen was from Montreal, they did not know he had written the song and did not believe me he was Quebecker, because the song was in English. Oh well, they still have a lot to learn. I decided to put the song here, I got the song in the head since yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this post.

Eugenie said...

Ha ha, reminds me of when I pulled that prank on my kids.