Friday, 17 April 2009

Five o'clock tea

On Easter Sunday, we went to a local town and stopped in a tea room. It is a British institution that we don't see as often these days, they have slowly disappeared in favour of cafés, and it is a shame. The five o'clock tea is a lovely British tradition that is enjoyable in itself, regardless of its cultural significance. The huge chunk of chocolate cake and pieces of malt loaf I had (and of course shared with my wife) were delicious and were perfect complement to the tea, which is always nice to drink on a cool, cloudy day. It actually makes you appreciate the grey and wet weather of England more. And it was good value for money too: I had cakes and tea for less than five pounds. Almost everything here is expensive, it is nice to enjoy something cheap that does not taste cheap. Instead we had some honest food, delicious in its simplicity.

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Frankofile said...

Mmm a custom that hasn't taken root in France, unfortunately (despite the wonderful patisserie!) Thanks for the link, too - a Frenchwoman here also mentioned 'five o'clock tea' but I'd never heard of it. I'm more familiar with four o'clock, afternoon tea.