Friday, 3 April 2009

Light and darkness

Now that April has started, Springtime is well on its way, or it seems to be at the moment anyway (April is after all treacherous). It means that the temperature goes between fresh in the nights/mornings and warm to the point of being almost Summery in daytime. It also means that the days are getting longer. I do not get up in the morning in darkness and we can have our dinner when it is still light outside. I love the time of the year around the equinox, when day and night share an equal time. The darkness of wintertime gets quickly depressing and the long Summer days end up taking up sleep and rest. I think it is only around the equinoxes of Spring and Autumn that the human body reaches some kind of equilibrium. We need enough light to give us energy, we need darkness to give us peace.

The bats are back. I guess they were never gone, but we hadn't noticed them for a while. We have seen them in the evening, when darkness was falling but not quite there, it was that time entre chien et loup (between a dog and a wolf) as we say in Québec. My wife and I tried to take pictures of them, but we failed miserably. They are simply too fast. I put here a poor, blurry picture, result of our fruitless attempt to take a snapshot of our winged neighbours. Poor picture, butit illustrates perfectly the topic of this entry.


holly wynne said...

You know what else has a distinct daylight/dark theme? Romeo and Juliet :).

Guillaume said...

...and many of Shakespeare's plays, I might add.