Monday, 20 April 2009

Nobody Does It Better

Well, I made another cake for my birthday (tomorrow). I thought today I would be too tired. Of course, while it looks delicious (see picture above) and absolutely decadent, as all cakes should be, it is also not quite rightly shaped. That is my main flaw when I make cake: I make catastrophy cakes (and I coined the term). It does not look as bad as last years's birthday cake, but still. That said, I am the best at making cakes that look awful. For the best looking and tasting cake, you should see (and taste) the ones my brother makes. Nobody does it better.

Lovely expression, "nobody does it better", especially when it is directed at you. It is also the title song of a Bond movie. I do not like the movie much, but absolutely love the song. My wife and I considered using it for our first dance, before settling for something else, something that was less macho narcissistic. All the same, Nobody Does It Better is great for an ego boost. I wonder sometimes what I am really talented at. I have good analytical skills when it comes to literature, I do have a good ear and a nice singing voice, I also have some natural acting skills, but I am not the best at any of these, not by any stretch of the imagination. Ah well, maybe I am thinking too much at the approach of the end of another year of existence. Getting old(er) always gets me in a thinking mood. I'll just leave you with the song...


Eugenie said...

Happy birthday (a bit late, sorry)!

Analyzing your cake, it looks like you didn't leave it to cool before frosting it. It would definitely help to keep it from lumping like that!

Guillaume said...

Actually, I let it cool a whole night. But it didn't lump too much in the end.