Monday, 13 April 2009

Musing on an Easter Monday

Well, another celebration is over, it went as quickly as it came. And now I will try to keep this post free of clichés. My wife and I went to a nearby town. I took a picture of the town hall (try to identify which town we were in). It was a bit grey and cool for an Easter Sunday, not exactly what you would picture for a day like this, but hey. It was an enjoyable little visit anyway. Old English towns have their charm, and this one had plenty.

Now that Easter is gone, it means that one has to look forward to the next special day (holiday, celebration, etc.). I am a man either looking to the future or contemplating his past. The present time is one of expectation or nostalgia. This is the sad thing about any special day: they are passing and one is left with everyday life. Even on holiday like we are right now, even when the sun is at last shining outside, I cannot help but feels like the celebration, however modest, is over. At least, there are ways to deal with the melancholia today: I did not indulge myself in gluttony last night, so I had a good rest and therefore plenty of energy to spend, I still have lots of chocolate for a sugar fix (the best remedies for the blues), the sun is indeed shining and I have already my own birthday to look forward to. And of course, there is that job I have, still new and therefore exciting. April is smiling at me this year.

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Leigh Russell said...

It always rains in England on bank holidays...