Monday 27 April 2009

Finding a Muse for bloggers

I have to confess, I am a Pagan at heart. Not by faith, as I have none, but in sensibility: I am now desperately materialist and finds rituals more significant than their hypothetical truth. As a child, I was really into Greek mythology and I am still. I am a classical, Greco-Roman Pagan, who would readily worship Athena (hey, it worked for the Greeks!) even though I do not believe in her. I don't think Ancient Greek ever believed in their Gods, they probably worshipped them because they couldn't find any better form of cult and because they were so cool. Anyway, I once mentioned here the Muses, who are supposed to inspire artists. Since blogging is a form of minor art, I was wondering which Muse to pray for. I guess it depends of the kind of blog. I am wondering who could be the Muse for this one. Any idea? I will try to appeal to her in future posts. After all, blogging is often musing. One might as well give them their due.

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