Friday 31 March 2017


Just to be nice to my veggie wife, I have decided to avoid meat for Lent. So when we recently had lunch at Côte Brasserie, I went for their grilled swordfish on their March menu. The dish was meant for me: it had ratatouille and a capers, black olives and anchovies dressing. All the stuff I love. And yummy, healthy, grilled swordfish, which I don't think I've had in nearly twenty years or so. It's just as tasty as a steak, if not tastier, but has none of the unhealthy content. And it has no bones. I have to confess, I did not make time to check its conservation status, my curiosity was too strong to risk feeling guilty, and in any case I like to fish because of its health benefits. And this swordfish tasted great.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Thanks for sharing! Just the other day, I saw swordfish with a coffee coating. I don't like coffee, so I didn't try it! LOL!