Friday 17 March 2017

No, nay, never, no more...

Happy St-Paddy's Day everyone! And to all of you especially who have Irish blood and spirit (or Irish spirits in the blood). This was the one and only pint of Guinness I had to celebrate. Because I am a father now, I must behave. There used to be a time, I was far wilder and enthusiastic and this dark beer made me nurse many cases of Irish flu the next day. So of course this song is in order for tonight. This is the story of my wild youth and it is one I always listen to on St Paddy's. As for this pint of Guinness, my wife had a sip, which surprised me greatly, as she dislikes beer, dark ones most of all. I guess one cannot escape the Irish spirit, even an Englishwoman. And Wolfie looked longingly at it. He's my son all right.

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