Thursday 16 March 2017

Cù Chulainn

I took this picture on my trip to Dublin back in 2000. With a disposable camera. The image is horrid, but it is the statue of (the back of) the legendary hero Cù Chulainn that you can see at the General Post Office. With the raven on his shoulder because the hero was dead. I wish I had a better picture. Anyway, it is Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow and I thought I would share this piece of Celtic culture. I know too little about Cù Chulainn but I want to discover more. In many ways, he was the Irish Hercules or Sigurd. (Oh and on a side note: yes, the accent on the u is at the wrong place, I will try to correct it if I find out how.)

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Magic Love Crow said...

What an amazing statue!! Hope you had a great Saint Patrick's Day!