Sunday 17 May 2009

The Greek connection

I was watching the second episode of The Wire (I might blog about it one day, I am falling in love with it), and something occurred to me: I often blog about Italy, but I also have strong connections with Greece. As a child, I was really into Greek mythology after watching Clash of the Titans and Ulysse 31, a passion that I still have as an adult. My love for greek mythology, which has transpired through this blog, developed into a love for Greek gastronomy (especially baklavas, which as a child I found both exotic and delicious). At uni, because I was hanging out with Greeks (not as often as Italians, but still), the Brits were mistaking me for them. It was because of my accent they couldn't identify, and because I apparently looked like one. More importantly, I met my wife through Greek friends, which is enough to feel eternally grateful to them. Now one of my favourite crime writers (my favourite writer of crime fiction) is of Greek origins. It seems that I cannot escape Greek culture, even in its modern, Americanised form. This reflection came to me as Pelecanos worked on The Wire, although not on the first season. I think Greek culture, and especially Greek fiction, endures today because it is so strongly connected to our psyche. Crime fiction (in novel, cinematic or television form) is contemporary tragedy and epic poetry, it is our mythology. All modern fiction is, to a degree. That Pelecanos is Greek makes perfect sense.

And on a side note, Greeks really make delicious food. But more on that another day.

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