Thursday, 21 May 2009

A dip in the water?

It is finally starting to look like summer here, with the sun and heat showing up. Which makes me long for a dip in a swimming pool. I love swimming, it is one of the very few sports (the other one being ice skating), for which I am naturally talented. I say that, and the last time I was on a pool was in 2006. I miss it. In Québec, almost every home has a swimming pool, I was lucky enough (and spoiled) to have one at an early age. For years summer was for me associated with the swimming pool. I blogged a few times about it. Here, I know I will have to settle for a public swimming pool, and probably not an outdoor one. There is nothing more fun than being in the water when it is hot outside, especially during a heatwave. One of the little simple pleasures of life that I absolutely adore.

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