Wednesday 17 September 2008

Lady Arachnid

Right by my wife's car, there is a big spider who did her web there. My wife is really scared of spiders, so she doesn't like it so much, but I thought I'd take a picture and put it here. I find spiders of this kind to have a certain type of beauty, elegant and a bit sinister. We used to have two of them like this one in Chicoutimi, much bigger though, they had those huge cobwebs, they were all white and shiny. We Christened them Shelob and Ungoliant, like the monstrous spiders from Tolkien's imagination. This is one is still very pretty.

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PJ said...

Ah, c'étaient de grosses araignées, oui. J'en ai une relativement grosse qui a fait une toile entre une chaise sur le patio et le mur arrière de la maison, mais je n'ai pas encore vu d'araignée indigène soit de la même taille que Shelob et Ungoliant.