Monday 15 September 2008

RIP Richard Wright

I thought I wouldn't blog today, but I just learnt some very sad news. Richard Wright is dead. At 65. Being dead was sad enough, but at this relatively young age, and from cancer, that's quite depressing. He was one of the original members of Pink Floyd. I can't express how much their music meant to me when I was a teenager growing up in 90s Québec. I absolutely, utterly love Pink Floyd. I could live without almost any music from the XXth century, but theirs. I was guttered when I learned the death of Syd Barrett in 2006. I am guttered today.

I put here in his honour the song Time, from their great albukm Dark Side of the Moon, which made me discover them. And the song is de circonstances (and Wish you Were Here might have been a bit cliché now). RIP Richard Wright, but the music survives, per omnia seculae seculorum.


Linda said...

I was only thinking of Pink Floyd yesterday, as the TV was advertising the early moon missions and was using The Dark side of the Moon music Clips, Sad news, a very iconic Group,from my youth, still loved by young and old.

Guillaume said...

Pink Floyd wrote and performed symphonic music, it was so much more than a group. I was so sad when I heard the news.