Thursday 18 September 2008

Wish You Were Here

It might look like I cannot stop grieving Richard Wright, and I know I said that putting Wish You Were Here on this blog would be cliché, but there is this nice tribute I found on youtube and I don't see why I wouldn't put more Pink Floyd here anyway, especially since it's a great song. Unoriginality be damned.

Why do I love Pink Floyd that much? Well, because they made symphonic music more than modern ones, and is one of the very few rock groups that has both powerful music and powerful text. In other words, Pink Floyd was not marshmallow and fluffy stuff, it was music with content. Dealing with teenage alienation (like all teenager) in the 90s, the music seemed to illustrate my feelings and thoughts. I guess my choice of music never varied that much. I like "classical" music, whatever the time period, and opera. Pink Floyd is as operatic as a modern group can be. The Wall is, in essence, a modern opera (not a rock opera or a psychedelic opera or a musical, an opera, period). But the way the music does not merely accompany the voice but carries it is quite close to opera music. Of course, there is no story/plot in a Pink Floyd album (except The Wall, and even then), so maybe their music belongs to the form of the oratorio. Oh, well enough musing and let's get to the music.


holly wynne said...

This is probably my favorite PF song. I think you're going through what I went through when George Harrison died. You won't see me judging your writing about it!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Oh I used to have The Wall LP.. Played it all the time and knew it by heart.. I lost it when my house burned but all by himself many years later my 14 yr old son has it downloaded on his computer.. Guess when something is good you just know whatever age you are! or whatever year it is!!!

Guillaume said...

Holly-Yes, this is one of my favorite songs, but there are many great PF songs, I wouldn't be able to choose one. It depends of my mood really.
Gwen-That's a sad story (about the house and the LP). Yes, Pink Floyd's music transcend generations almost as the Beatles (and maybe more deservedly so, I think). In the 90s my parents couldn't believe I became crazy about the same music they were listening in the 70s. Anthony Burgess, Pink Floyd, they were all parts of the Epiphany of my teenage.