Wednesday 30 April 2008

Walpurgis Night

It is Walpurgis Night tonight, the Spring time, less popular version of Halloween. Because it is a much more marinal day, it had kept a lot of it's dark roots, and to some extend has a much more sinister connotation. I associate Walpurgis Night with two things: Faust and Stoker's short story Dracula's Guest. Have a look at the short story here, it's worth a read. A very efficient piece of horror. To read tonight, in the dark, alone. For those who don't want to read it and don,t mind crude animation, here's an animated adaptation of the story, transposed to the early XXth century instead of late XIXth, and with a Dracula who looks more like Murnau's Orlock, but it's enjoyable nevertheless.

I will try to put here a bit of Faust's Walpurgis Night scene, the music of Gounod is beautifully haunting.

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