Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Duke of Cambridge

I got back from The Duke of Cambridge, which I always wanted to visit. Very nice pub. There is a beer garden that is actually a ménagerie, with parrots, doves and hens, anyway various birds, some kept in cages, some flying free. Too bad it is a smoking place (beer gardens usually are) because although a bit kitsch (the place is decorated with gnome gardens and such), it was lovely. The very few locals that were there today were quite nice and friendly. I had two half pints, one bitter (can't remember the name, it won an award in 2005) and one ale called The Spirit of Saint George. They seem to have a good turnover of real ales, so I am quite happy. They are proud of their Sunday lunch, so I will have to get back there one day. However, since they sell their hens to butchers so they can get killed, I am not sure my wife will want to encourage this local pub.

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