Saturday, 5 April 2008

Quoting Stanley Kubrick

For no specific reason, here's a quote from Stanley Kubrick (Playboy interview by Erick Nordern, September 1968):

The most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent; but if we can come to terms with this indifference and accept the challenges of life within the boundaries of death – however mutable man may be able to make them – our existence as a species can have genuine meaning and fulfillment. However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.

I always loved that statement, which is very existentialist (I always thought that many of Kubrick movies had existentialist themes). I will try to apply this in my own life, as it is at the moment pretty uneventful. I have no difficulty to understand and agree with Kubrick on this one: the universe is epically indifferent.


holly wynne said...

Well, if THAT's not a profound quote, I don't know what is :).

Guillaume said...

I was inspired by your Robert Kennedy quote.