Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A vision of Brocéliande

I don't know and don't think I gave justice in words to the effect Brocéliande had on me. I saw no spirit, no dragon, but the place is haunting. So I put these pictures, hoping the images will illustrate better than words what the forest can inspire. For those wo want more, there is still that entry from my wife's blog.


PJ said...

C'est vrai que ca a l'air d'un autre monde. Apres ca les francais veulent voir nos "grands espaces", qui, en dehors des bordures de routes, sont pas mal coupes a blanc... Mettons que le Parc est pas aussi magique. Mais faudrait peut-etre visiter la Vallee des fantomes du Valinouet.

Anonymous said...