Sunday, 20 April 2008

Don Giovanni

This entry is about another piece of epiphany of mine: Don Giovanni. Probably my favorite opera. I first got to know about it in Amadeus, where they show the last scene, when the Commandatore came to supper and sends Don Giovanni to Hell. Beautiful and chilling. Then I got the opera at my birthday (I was something like 10 or 11). Mozart managed to blend everything perfectly: comedy and terror. And the music is simply wonderful.

The last scene marked me so much that I used to play it with my brothers. Here it is, with Samuel Ramey as Don Giovanni. Ramey has a great voice and plays Don Giovanni's sensuality and power perfectly, he is a "grand seigneur, méchant homme". The treasures you can find on youtube.

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PJ said...

Terrifying and wonderful comme dit Salieri dan Amadeus. Mais à part le Commandeur et Don Giovanni, les voix sont pratiquement muettes. Maudit YouTube.