Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Future according to Leonard Cohen

I thought I'd make an entry about a great great musician/singer/artist, from a great anglo and Jewish (now Buddhist, but still Jewish) Quebecker from Montréal: Leonard Cohen. I discovered him circa 1992, when The Future was released. I was blown away. I guess his coarse voice and pessimistic (and prophetic, I might add) lyrics just appealed to the teenager I was, but I still love it so much. So here it is, The Future, by Leonard Cohen, via youtube, I couldn't find the original video and this montage is unforgiveably cheesy, but you just need the music, the lyrics and the voice. Pure modern, and terribly contemporary, poetry.

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Anonymous said...

Check out Leonard Cohen's Sisters of Mercy, Lady Midnight, Joan of Arc, Suzanne, Bird on the Wire, all availble on YouTube.