Sunday, 13 November 2016

Of books and bookcases

I took this picture At the National Railway Museum of York and I am publishing it here because it illustrates the topic of my post. If I remember correctly, this was not merely part of the exhibits, it was actually a reading area in the museum. I wish there were such reading areas in train station nowadays. Reading in trains and stations is one of my favourite intellectual pleasures in life. Let me say another thing about this particular one: I want this bookcase. There I said it. The bookcase we have here is ok, I mean it does the job, but while it looks nice it does not have such character as this one. I went yesterday with my wife and son to the local bookshop, very briefly as it was getting late and we had other things to do. I thought I would behave myself and just look at the books on the shelves there. Well, I did not: I bought loads. Some for me, some for my son, because it important to interest children in reading at an early age. And I need more books to read in trains and elsewhere. Even though my own bookcase is almost full.


Magic Love Crow said...

I love this bookcase!!! I agree about getting your little one to read at an early age!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Books, Books, Books, never enough as far as I'm concerned. I Love bookcases for that very reason. I am sure you will enjoy yours.