Thursday, 17 November 2016

Ten years of Casino Royale

It was ten years ago yesterday that Casino Royale was released in the UK. I have been a James Bond fan for many years and was waiting to see the film eagerly. After the controversial casting of Daniel Craig as James Bond, then two very promising trailers, I had high expectations for it. I first watched it in Liverpool, with my then girlfriend now wife. And my expectations were met. In fact, even my wife, who is certainly not into James Bond, really loved it. So I wanted to celebrate its ten years anniversary on Vraie Fiction. I will show two clips of the movie: the introduction of Craig as the new Bond (here beginning as a MI6 operative), so the extended pre-title sequence, then the opening credits, with the movie's song. If you have never seen the movie, you will I hope see why Craig is so awesome in the role. And it is just such an exciting introduction to a movie that completely renewed the role and the series.

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