Saturday, 26 November 2016

About trains again

I took this picture at the National Railway Museum of York. My parents are coming back from the city today, where they visited the museum. Dad found it quite interesting, but then he loves trains, like me and all the boys in the family. And we are all boys in my family (three brothers). For us, trains are something like grand-scale toys. I am not so sure, albeit she loves traveling by train, finding it, like I do, comfortable and pleasant. I hope we can one day visit the NRM all together, with my son who I am fairly confident will love trains as much as I do. Anyway, they are on their way back today, by train of course. Thinking about it, I wonder about my next train journey, like I often do, but now I know that next time there will be little Wolfie with us. Which makes our future ventures, wherever and whenever they may be, all the more exciting.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Does your Mom ever feel outnumbered? Husband, three sons, now a grandson. She must love having a daughter-in-law!!!

Guillaume said...

She sure does. Mum still hopes for a granddaughter one day.