Saturday 29 December 2012

This Christmas's Dungeons & Dragons

As my readership knows, he Holiday season wouldn't be complete without a good game of Dungeons & Dragons. My brothers and I played it yesterday, all afternoon and all evening. Unfortunately, our friends are all around the map, so it was only us three playing. But we enjoyed it all the same, after four long years of being unable to play, for various reasons. We are going to play again this afternoon, maybe even get very near to finish the very long campaign we have been doing.

The image here is from Larry Elmore. I find the dragon a bit weak looking, he is not my favourite drawn by Elmore, but the picture fit the Christmas atmosphere well. Elmore as always makes the scene dynamic and he draws great snowy landscape.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful pic.

Guillaume said...

Elmore makes really great scenes.