Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Something my colleagues noticed today which had completely escaped me: it was, it is still in fact, the 12th December 2012, the 12th day of the twelfth month 2012. I did not notice. Anybody did? And I missed 12:12, of the 12th of the twenlfth 2012, where I could have scheduled a blog post like I did on the first Friday the 13th this year. A completely meaningless post, where the content is the publication time itself. It is either something very trivial or very philosophical, I don't know. You tell me if it has or can have any meaning. Maybe to people who love or hate even numbers. Tell me what you think.


Cynthia said...

Missed 12:12 too, it was a hellish day, I almost wished the world would have ended!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Apparently there's a kid in the USA who just turned 12 years old today on 12/12/12. He was born at 12:12 on the clock too. People say that with all those numerical coincidences, he's either The Chosen One or The Antichrist, LOL!

Cara said...

Je parierais que c'est plutôt l'Antéchrist ;)
Tout le monde en parle sur son blog, de cette fameuse date... Bah, moi, ce qui me frappe à chaque fois (comme le 11. 11. 2011, etc.), c'est justement le "rien" qui se passe à l'heure en question. A tel point que je la rate à chaque fois.