Sunday, 30 December 2012

Farewell to Chicoutimi

This post may be my last post of the year 2012. Obviously, I don't know when I will blog again in 2013, with the (very likely) post-Christmas blues and the homesickness. But 670 posts in 2012, it is not bad, although I could have written less and better ones.

So tonight is my last night in Chicoutimi, tomorrow I will go back to Montreal. I have mixed feelings about my home town, but I love it during winter, especially around Christmas, when it is buried in the snow. Remember the lines from The Dragonfly of Chicoutimi I often quote:

"Chicoutimi is an Amerindian word
it means up to where the water is deep
this word refers to the Saguenay
a big a beautiful a splendid river
but Chicoutimi as a town is ugly
as every American town
and this ugliness is very interesting
but fortunately nature surrounds every town
in this country
and nature cannot be ugly"

I think the picture, taken by my brother, illustrates this in a nutshell. And it shows why I will miss it.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the ugliness is up close, but I sure cant see it. I hope that the homesickness isn't too bad.

Guillaume said...

Thank you. Homesickness is bearable. Maybe it is because of homesickness that I find Chicoutimi beautiful on pictures.