Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Montreal I miss

Yesterday, my wife asked me what I wanted to see again or re-experience in Montreal when we will be here. AFter I answered her, she remarked that when I feel homesick, it is almost always food related. You see, I told her that in the short time when we will be here, I want to:

-Have Kraft peanut butter on my toasts for breakfast. Actually, have what I consider a proper "Montreal breakfast".
-Eat smoked salmon bagels from St-Viateur.
-Eat some sausages from William J. Walter.
-Eat some real burgers, with Dijon mustard, real tasty cheese and lots of bad but delicious stuff in it.
-Drink lots of local beers.
-Maybe get some Boivin cheese curds (they make a distinctive squeaky sound when you chew them), if I can find it fresh so far from the Saguenay region.
-Mix some of those gastronomic experiences (cheese curds go so well with beer, for instance), repeat at will.

That said whatever my wife says, all the experiences of "return home" will not merely be of a gastronomic nature. I also have the intention of:

-Walking on the Plateau, getting myself acquainted to the twisting outdoor staircases.
-Spend time in the Parc Lafontaine, as it is beautiful during summertime (but not as much as in autumn). The park is romantic enough to have inspired a song.
-Maybe take a dip in the water of some local swimming pool.
-Watch some old Québec tv series.


PJ said...

N'oublie pas les bleuets enrobés de chocolat des pères trappistes, vu que c'est le mois d'août. Et pour le fromage Boivin, il est maintenant disponible frais du jour au Metro Chevrefils sur Laurier.

Jazz said...

Mmmm oui les bleuets. J'en ai une boîte au frigo.. Quel délice.

Comme j'ai déjà dit - it's all about the food!

Anonymous said...

Le beurre de 'peanut' est déjà l'a