Thursday, 30 July 2009

Feeling nervous

I am going to an interview tomorrow. Been preparing it all week, yet I don't feel ready at all. I am too nervous, there are always details on the presentation I have to do that I want to modify/eliminate/add, I stumble upon words when I practice and I feel like I am running out of time. I am getting fed up with it already, which is ironic since I really want that job. I haven't felt like it towards a job I applied to for a while. It's is something I really love to do, so I want it badly. That said, the planning is really getting into me. I wish I could enjoy my holidays without worrying, but I have so much to worry about it's not funny.

The outside temperature does not make me feel on holidays either. It is sunny outside, but not quite hot enough for July. Oh, well, I guess if we have the same kind of temperature tomorrow, I will not look like a clown going to a funeral in my suit.

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PJ said...

J'ai à peaufiner une présentation pour une grosse conférence dans une semaine. Je pars demain pour Washington DC. Alors je commence à stresser aussi. Avec les derniers trucs du mariage à confirmer et tout. On est un peu dans le même bateau. J'ai hâte d'avoir des vraies vacances un moment donné. Ça fait au moins trois ans que j'en ai pas eu.