Thursday, 23 July 2009

On holidays for now

I am on holidays since yesterday afternoon. I will not be inactive however, as I have a couple of things to our departure to Montreal, among other things a job interview (already!) next Friday. It is another temporary job, but the salary is really good and it is something I would love to do, so I hope I get it.

Anyway, yesterday was quite a moving day and, while I kept my eyes dry, I had a slight feeling of sadness when I left the school. The staff had a farewell barbecue lunch in a local pub, the same we went to before the Easter holidays. I got very gluttonous, as I love the chips there and thei mayonnaises they have. There was loads of food, which I greedily swallowed with two pints of Hobgoblin. I felt really full after this, so much so that I was still not hungry at dinnertime. But those chips and the mayonnaises were so, so, so good! Never found such good chips here in England.

Some good news from yesterday: I am going back in September, but only part-time. And the despicable colleague I dislike will be in another school, so I will not have to deal with her. She was quite nice yesterday, well, as nice as she could be, which means she was not rude and spoke to me in an amicable tone. All the same, I am glad she is gone, and I clapped least as possible when we had to do so.

When I got back to the train station, I saw by total chance some of my students. When they saw me, they shouted my name and came to me, asking me where I was heading to, if I was living nearby, etc. They were quite curious, and one got inquisitive enough to say: "Mr ... you smell of alcohol, did you drink?" I replied that it was the end of the year for me too. Although I was not drunk, that was slightly embarrassing. When I left, they shouted "We love you Mr ..., we love you." I don't know if they were sincere, but that was nice anyway.

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The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said... can believe they were indeed sincere. Children are always sincere when they say such sweet things as that! And it's a testament to how you touched their lives. :o)

Have a great holiday!