Thursday 2 February 2017

A Tickler's Birthday

Today was a very special day... No, not what you might think: it was the birthday of Blonde Tickler, who turned eleven. I saw her only briefly and after her birthday party, on my way home. My wife and Wolfie were there already. We had bought her an emoji backpack (I mean a backpack covered with emojis) and a journal as present (my wife's idea), she really seemed to like them. But her favourite present was... a zombie doll. Complete with her own coffin and death certificate. I think they are called the Living Dead Dolls. She was so proud to show her to me. That is why I love Blonde Tickler, she is such a tomboy. Anyway, I never liked February much, now there is a reason to truly enjoy the month, or its beginning at least.

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PJ said...

Elle partage son anniversaire avec Brent Spiner, lieutenant-commandant Data de Star Trek: The Next Generation.