Sunday, 30 October 2016

Gangly Ghoul

This is tonight's countdown to Halloween post (only two days to go). And it is about a spooky beer from Greene King and a too little known monster. So anyway, every year or almost, I have a Gangly Ghoul in one of the local pubs. They serve Halloween themed beers when the season comes and this one comes back often. Well, by often I mean every year. I love it because it is a dark beer that is perfect for a spooky night. And because the ghoul is nowadays a neglected monster of monster lore. Zombies have completely of taken their place as scavengers and eaters of human flesh. This is not what zombies should be, but nevertheless, I find ghouls far scarier. Maybe it's just me, but they are faster and have far more personality. But all these considerations aside, if you love dark beers this one is for you. I know ghouls are from Arabic folklore, but this Ghoul has its place in a British pub.


PJ said...

Les zombis modernes inspirés de Romero, jamais appelés zombis dans Night of the Living Dead, étaient décrits comme des goules dans le script. Alors, les zombis modernes auraient pu s'appeler (et usurper le terme, comme ils l'ont fait aux zombis vaudous) des goules.

Magic Love Crow said...

Dark spooky beer! Very cool! Happy Halloween!